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The most recent stories from The Change Blog community.

How I Survived a Job I Hated and How You Can Too

I worked as a mutual fund tax accountant for a little over three years. Trust me, it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, it was easily the worst three years of my working life. I was assigned a handful of mutual funds and I was responsible for preparing the tax...

A Beautiful Mind: Love and Mental Illness

“Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving deeply gives you courage.” – Lau Tzu When I think about my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder the aspect that I hate the most is the intensity of my emotions. The black and white perspective I so often...

One Last Lesson from my Father-in-Law

The first time I met my father-in-law, Bill, I had blue hair and had just gotten through a tough divorce.  I had very different political and religious views than he did.  My future husband and I had only been dating a few months, but we had already moved in...

Overwhelmed – a Personal Case Study

I was overwhelmed. After a string of huge life events the previous few years, then adding a new child, new home and new job into the mix, I wasn’t in a good place by any stretch. I was tired, strung-out, anxious, distant, unmotivated and depressed. I...


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