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The most recent stories from The Change Blog community.

What One Thing Can You Do Today to Improve Your Life?

Organize your desk? Be a better listener at work? Find someone to help you find your passion in life?

Every month or so I wake up and remember that my life can use more improvement.

I don’t want you to think that I’m unhappy. Far from it. My life is better than I ever expected. But I don’t want to stand still. I want to move forward, challenge myself, and improve my life. If I don’t, what kind of example do I set for my clients?

Habit Forming – The Rocket Launch Phase

You are proud of yourself: you have lost weight and you feel like a champion!

Then someday, something relatively harmless happens: while walking in a mall, you see someone eating a delicious looking ice cream dessert. It doesn’t take long until you start feeling like eating the same kind of dessert yourself. In fact, you turn back on your heels and walk in to the ice cream bar – and order the same dessert as other person you just saw. As days go by, you start to eat ice cream more and more. Also, other types of sweets and desserts become familiar to you too.

How I Built an Online Business Around My Passion

In 2006, I felt the urge to do something else. At the time, I was a professional poker player, but I felt like it was time to turn the page. However, I struggled for a long time. I wasted over $10,000 on get-rich quick programs and coaching. And it took me until early 2009 to create my first successful website. But when things clicked, they really clicked.

At the end of 2009, I was making multiple thousands per month via my online websites. I was starting to do what I was truly interested in.

No Matter What Happens, You Can Always Be Thankful

My 15-month-old daughter caught her second flu this month, and I lost a little perspective. My husband and I had been barely two weeks free of coughing, inconsolable crying, and sleepless nights when the cycle started all over again. I worried for my child as I rocked her through the days and nights. I felt sorry for my husband, who looked as haggard as I felt. And a ball of self-pity welled up in my gut as her illness ruined our holiday plans. Why did we have to go through this again? Hadn’t we been through enough?

Then I logged into Facebook and read a few things that made me feel more thankful for my life.

How Jealousy Saved My Relationship

Has your jealousy ever turned you into someone you barely recognize in the mirror? Whether it was towards a co-worker who got the promotion didn’t get, the jealousy between siblings or the jealousy brewing within a relationship, jealousy is something everyone has experienced in their life.

I thought my jealousy was going to completely ruin my relationship. However, I never thought I’d be grateful for my jealousy in the long run.

Leave the Judgement Behind

This past Sunday in Los Angeles, I spent a beautiful day with my Dad playing golf to celebrate his birthday. Although I was grateful to spend time with my Dad, the golf part was extremely frustrating. I hit a few great drives straight down the fairway, rolled a bunch of golf balls about twenty yards in front of the tee, and managed to successfully lose a lot of balls in the rough. Overall, I enjoyed very inconsistentresults. Since I only play once every three to four months is it even realistic to expect better results? The obvious answer is no but most of us do and then we are disappointed and make a false conclusion that “golf is not our game.”

Although I played tennis competitively in college and on the professional tour, golf continues to be a challenging sport for me (and many). Here’s the thing: I never practice golf and don’t make it a priority in my life. SO the obvious question is why expect anything other than inconsistent results?


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